1.1 Balustrade for round and rectangular cavities

1.1 Balustrade for round and rectangular cavities

The designer needed an artistic closure for round and rectangular cavities created as elements of importance to give illumination to the rooms below of an elegant residence.

From the initial draft drawing showing the design model to be replicated and the project measurements, approximate executive drawings were created for the development of the various railing portions and the first samples of models, which were followed by continuous contacts for refining the type of processing required.

The construction manager has entrusted himself on ARTIFER1962 for the ability to realize the rounded railing to perfection after having examined the connection solution of the curved handrail perfectly done and the sampling of the chosen decoration.

Once the prototype was confirmed, the development and adaptation of the design to the various dimensions of the parapet were taken in charge, which also had to satisfy the transport and shipping requirements. With the machinery of our factories we have been able to carry out the calendering of all the round parts, for a perfect curve connection of the handrail, without the slightest misalignment.

The finished work was packed on cases, inserting the panels previously marked in the assembly sequence for higher practicality during installation.

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