Classic & Inox

The new line Artifer1962 “stainless line” allows you to create design solutions, modern and tasteful quality. Quickly, reliably and economically, this composition system is settling very well in the buildings of a new trend where the technological design of modern surfaces create light that give to the space entirely new dimensions. So you can realize stairs, handrails, railings minimize the use of welding and the subsequent work of grinding, sanding and polishing as manual labor, even if done with care.

With Artifer “Linea Inox” system all the items can be assembled quickly, by an easy fixed system, without hand-made working and by screws are easily and permanently fixed to create quickly your own modern and durable composition.

The articles are made of AISI 304 steel currently most widely used in the food industry. For use near a swimming pool or in coastal areas subject to corrosion by the salinity of the sea, it recommends the use of more resistant AISI 316. We can provide it on your request.